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Amber Rose Long

Graphic Designer | Photographer | Creator

creative outlet mockup

Featured Project

For this project, I was prompted to create a logo for a book/media company. We had to create our own company from scratch. I came up with the company Creative Outlet, which is a magazine company that features young artists work such as: photography, illustration, graphic design, paintings, and drawings. What is different about this company is this magazine tells multiple young artists stories— how they got to where they are now and their evolution of art. I started with research, sketching, concepts, revising, and then it was completed.

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A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Amber Long, I am from Dixon, Illinois! I am currently an online student through Columbia College Hollywood; enrolled in the Graphic Design + Interactive Media Program. I am very passionate about Graphic Design, Photography, and Illustration. My love for art started in my freshman year of high school, where I first learned photography. Ever since then I have been a sucker for art.


Graphic Design



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